Sunday, July 12, 2015

PISCES #BigData #EndToPoverty

...will start a reaction that will create upward mobility for any, and all, while creating a perpetually integrating cumulative economy.

How The Network Works

Relationships are established with all of the major goods and services entities: 

Wal-Mart, Nationwide, Toyota, Sprint, Wells Fargo, etc.

Any and all for-profit entities willing to participate are welcome within the Network Market upon approval...Including Independent entities such as individuals or families.

Independents create a socioeconomic landscape using access to every piece of information they have concerning finance and sociological information.

Their landscape is anononymized and assigned a number that is linked to their verified account within The Network and only within The Network.

The Network analyzes the value of their information based on the projected bids from Commercial/Non-Commercial Organizations for groups of anonymized socioeconomic information.

The Network assigns the anonymous landscape a Value (based on the
socioeconomic informatics being sold) and that Value is the amount of funds that the Independent is able to use for any goods and services within the Network of accepted entities.

The Independent then has the ability to circulate that digitized currency within and secured by The Network and creates more socioeconomic data fot themselves with each purchase... thus, raising the status of The Network, The Network Market, and The Consumer....ultimately, the Economy ad infinitum.

It is time for a new set of global problems and this is the solution framework to get us there.

I can be reached by phone for assistance of implementation at 6155096877. Please identify yourself via text first :)