Friday, March 27, 2015

This is for all of those who know who they can be but have not become.
Fuck this ridiculous roll of the dice. Yahtzee.  We're at the end of our bones, biding our time until we see the majestic glory of something that actually makes "perfect" sense.
It's like we're playing roulette on a wheel with millions of images, so round that the wheel looks flat where we're lookin.
The wheel spins, thousands if not millions of slots fly by at break-neck speed and we somehow know that one of them is the one we've put our money on.
We are gamblers.  Pure and simple.  We lay around and watch the wheel turn and base our bet on some kind of preternatural instinct that has proven true with so few from history.
Realistically, we will end up another schmuck with a foot high headstone at best.  At the other best, our ashes will be spread somewhere by someone who had no idea what we were about in this world, but knew that we had the fucking balls to place our bet.  
On the worst, we will end up in some state of autolysis with maggots or bacteria feeding on our broken dreams.
Its really interesting how judgments can make a person believe that something is "best" or "worst"...
Hunter made a 200 foot cannon for his ashes to be bursted upon the strataosphere...
others lie drowned in a pool of their own vomit to be decomposed by natures "best"...
So... the question is what shall we do? Fuck that.  The real question is what are we doing.  And the answer is nothing.
We are so religious about our own nature that we will follow it to the grave... or to the upper ranks of society... whichever comes "best"...
Some would say it is delusional for one to think that by following ones nature, one will become sometihng of great importance to the human race.
I would agree.  By following ones nature, one is following. End of story.
By being ones nature, naturally, one is in a state of pure static evolution.
How so?  Yes it seems impossible from all perspectives... but ours.
What does it mean in the "big picture" for someone to see the seemingly infinite roulette wheel and ignore the likely bets of black and white and go for the exact sequence?
It means that we are going the true black or white.  We are going for all or nothing, knowing the chance for hitting all is so slim it is not even insured by the house.
We are not here to let the house win.  We are here to bring the fucking house down..........................................................................................................................
We have seen the effects of the house on society.  We have seen the darkest and the brightest sides of what it has to offer.  rarely occasional security, pleasure, happiness in trade for hopes, dreams, joy and all that is right.
And what is right?
What is right is what sets you free.
And that is what we are here to see.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

FROM THE ARCHIVES OF CHAZ LAWRENCE ----- PISCES will be used to research and implement the following goal: to start a reaction that will create upward mobility for any and all that have a steady income while creating a perpetually integrated cumulative economy.

How The System Works

Relationships are established with all of the major goods and services entities. Wal-Mart, Nationwide, Toyota, Sprint, etc. etc. Any and all willing to participate are welcome within the Network Market upon approval of their structural integrity.

Consumer Applicants create a socioeconomic landscape via the network input system using every document they have concerning finance and sociological information .

The social landscape is anononymized and assigned a number that is linked to their account within The Network and only within The Network.

The Network analyzes the value of their information based on the projected bids from Commercial organizations for set amounts of socioeconomic information.

The Network assigns the anonymous number a Value (based on their
socioeconomic information) and that Value is the amount of funds that the individual is able to use for goods and services within The Network Market.

The Consumer then circulates that money within The Network and creates more socioeconomic data for themselves thus raising the status of The Network, The Network Market, and The Consumer.

The Network will then be able to assign them more money.